Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Turn the Page.

Been awhile.

Who starts a blog then goes on vacation... Ok, I do.

We went home to Missouri.  I spent some time on the trails and just being lazy.  I enjoyed this visit, which is more than I can say for the last few times I've been up.  Time with my father is always great, I love my grandma, but sometimes the rest of the family can be overwhelming.  Everyone has them, the overwhelming aunt, the drama queens, the family members who just can't get it together.  Then there are friends.  So many people so little time.  Learning to deal with them all is a lesson in life and it doesn't come overnight.  Decisions are made, people get hurt. I digress...

My friend's oldest boy.  
We flew crawfish up for "The Party". Our neighbors were sweet enough to make the trip and cook then up for our family. Problem #1, I'm allergic to cayenne (& all peppers). I was making it a point to stay away from the pot and from any boxes of crawfish people were eating. It was hard to help my husband since I couldn't go in the barn once it was placed on the table. For that I wish I would have delegated some more. The one trip to the barn I made ended up in a coughing fit that made me lightheaded and in need of a place to lean. Just one of the things I have to deal with when I get a good whiff.  I had a rib-eye from the local butcher, nothing beats a KC Steak! Everyone loved the crawfish and pulled pork. It was just an all around pleasant experience for us.

Once the party was over Saturday we had some touring to do with the neighbors. Too bad I had food poisoning Sunday (not from our food). It was beautiful and I was looking forward to seeing areas I hadn't seen as a tourist just as a resident. Instead it was refreshing and I had the ability to relax once the sickness wore off on Monday.  Sunday unfortunately was a lost day for me.  I don't think the neighbors objected to a rest day, however.

Once I was better, I hit the roads of my hometown.  I was not fueled from the previous day's illness, but it was a good run, a good detox.  Sometimes that's all you need to get back on your feet.  The honeysuckle smelled amazing!  Even with the hills and the lack of food I held a good pace. Running through those hills took me back.  I didn't run in school, but there are still a lot of memories on those roads, in those hills.  I also hit a local trail with my sister while I was in town.  She ran her first 1/2 marathon that weekend, so this was an easy run too, which was appropriate since the hills are more than I am accustomed to. I am disappointed I didn't make it out again to run the trail and spend some me time there.  I have a lot going on in my head right now and I need to be working through it.  Nothing like a good trail to bring you back to nature and back to basics.

It was a good trip all and all.  I'm still recovering and wish I could have stayed and spent some more time with some of the family and friends, but we also needed a break from working all of the time.  Even with the crazy family.  I promise I'll be better about writing.

How do you work through your problems?