Thursday, January 24, 2013


I've been in a mood the last few days.  I worked all weekend and was supposed to have Tuesday off due to the holiday (I have Monday's off so if there is a holiday that day I get the next day off as well  I worked both of those days).  I usually love working on the marshes, but with Ryker at home and DH working all the time it's stressful for everyone.  Now I'm just waiting for Friday off!  I've been doing more yoga and trying to head off my negative mood with positive thoughts, it's working slowly but surely.  Camping this week before my first race since the foot injury should help (as will the race).  It is a 10k on the trails.  I'm nervous since I haven't really ran over 3 miles (I've hiked 8 though while working in full field gear).  I'm thinking that this might end up being a walk/run thing and I'm ok with that.  I'll do what my foot says is acceptable.  I'm the most nervous about the 1/2 marathon in April.  That's when memories come in and remind me of what happened 6 months before.  Maybe I'll be pregnant and I can worry about that?

Until then I have 2 crazy dogs and a cat who well, crazy isn't a strong enough word for her.  Ryker is doing very well with his training (as long as he's on a leash).  Once the leash is removed, all bets are off.  You have no idea if sit will actually be sit, or if it will be chase me or lets play tug.  We're working on this...  Poor guy is ready for a trip to the dog park too, I have tomorrow off and I think that will be the plan first thing in the morning.  Quetesh can do her thing (sitting on laps) and Ryker can play with other dogs his size.  He really needs the socialization and it will be good for his sanity and confidence.  Lately he's been lacking on his confidence and I'm sure part of it is because he hasn't played with other dogs.

No mom, I didn't chew up my BRAND NEW bed.  
We have an appointment with the Naprotechnology doc Feb 11.  We wanted to wait till April to talk to another doctor, but my body is not right and I know it.  I spotted for 6 days before I had a day and a 1/2 period last month.  How ridiculous is that?!  Most would not complain about 1.5 days of a period, that is unless they are trying to get pregnant.  I haven't been right since the HSG.  I've had terrible cramps since then and my period itself has been start and stop or just plain short.  Maybe we won't need to go in, maybe just maybe this is our month.  It's funny how after all this time, all this disappointment I can continue to keep my positive outlook.  Yes it's slightly jaded, but the hope is still there.  I think it's the thought that with every month we get a bit closer.  I bought the OvaCue this month and started using it as soon as it came in the mail.  I like it so far and being a nerd, I love the extra data.  I'd be one of those people that would test her own blood everyday if I there was a way.  I received my CuePeak the other day which means I'm in my fertile period, so time to get busy.  :)  I decided to go with the OvaCue after last month and the 8 days +OPK's.  FSA will cover it and that's pretty awesome!  I always pull out my max because one of these years I'll get pregnant and I'll have to use it for my home birth.  Nothing else, it's good to have the extra money, like last year when I was in the ER 3 times, or the year before when I had the car wreck.  Too bad it doesn't cover yoga...

How do you get through a "funk"?  

Have you used the OvaCue?  How did it work for you?

What's the worst thing your Furbaby has destroyed?  For me, it's between the time that Quetesh ate my homework (CD rom, yes the 6# dog ate a CD...). Or the time she and my old cat Mia (she's my dad's cat now) decided to have a hay day with a mega pack, rolls of toilet paper.  I came home to the biggest mess I've ever seen!  Toilet paper was everywhere!!!

Recommend any beds for Ryker that won't be destroyed?  

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