Monday, June 10, 2013

Random Chattering from a Slacker .

After some delay, mostly just me being too busy to do much of anything outside of eat and sleep, I have my Dr's report from May 6th… Yes I know it's June.

Finally!  Finally, we get to move forward.  We get to advance, we will have answers!  We are so excited to move forward!

Funny Encouragement Ecard: If I can fight Endometriosis, then I can certainly kick your ass...

Yup, the doctor is certain that when we do the laproscopy and hysteroscopy on July 5th endometriosis is my problem.  With the cramps increasing the past few months, heart flutters, pain during bowel movements (aforementioned during menses) and pain during intercourse that is getting worse (beginning and end of the month but my window is getting smaller) she thinks it might be extensive.  Until she goes in she does not know. Our consult was great and we are so excited for this leap forward.  When the doctor goes in on the 5th she will remove if it is mild to moderate, but if it is extensive then we have to schedule a second surgery.  We are crossing our fingers it is just one surgery that is required.

I have had my blood draws and my E2 and LH were excellent.  If you remember back in the days of the RE he did my tests and my E2 was high 119.  I had mentioned that I thought I had a cyst that ruptured, but he never looked…  With the new CD 3 results I'm positive that it was a fluke.  This second time my E2 came back at 61.  This month I will go on CD 10 and start every other day blood work until I O +2.  The I start CD 3, 5, 7, and 9 BW.  It will help me pass my time till I have my surgery July 5th.

This month I passed my time on vacation.  We went home to MO.  It was relaxing for my husband but unfortunately I can't seem to relax there.  His sister avoided us like the plague.  Really, we drove 10 hours here and you can't take 5 minutes out of your time to see your brother?  Her first excuse was that she just wasn't sure what her plans were on Memorial Day Sunday.  She did finally show up that day, and was very pleasant, only bitching about the situation she is in (had an affair, pregnant by said affair, baby's daddy pestering her, husband taking her back (bless him)).  Sorry, I know I have no patience for cheating, it says a lot about a person and how selfish they are among other things.  To top it off, she made her bed, this is her problem and she needs to deal with it.  No bitching about the pregnancy until the very end and then it was a raise of the shirt, a rub of the belly and looking directly at me while stating how tired she was because she was 6 months pregnant.  On our way home she was suppose to go by her moms to drop off her cousin Friday night, but threw a tantrum when MIL did not cook dinner, and we had taken her out to eat instead.  She then waited Saturday until we left town to show up at her moms.  I just want to deck her.  Thankfully it was only a few hours spent with her and not days.  Maybe one day she'll grow up, but at this moment I can't deal with her maturity level, particularly not when I'm infertile and she's fertile.

Most of the trip was spent in Kansas City with my family and our friends.  Our friends the Olson's are the best.  Misty is an infertile friend's dream.  She knows how she is suppose to act and is always helpful and forgiving of the rants.  Poor woman has 6 friends going through infertility 2 of them her best friends.  It has to be rough.  Her youngest, Conner has provided Dh and I with a new name:  BobbyJamie.  We are the same in his eyes, LOL!  We loved seeing the kids and even got to see Logan's first ride on a steer.  It was short, but he knows what he did wrong and how to fix it.  My poor Grandma, I think was on the verge of kicking us out (not really), but we kept finding things wrong.  Her house had some issues and her help was not that great…  For instance, use has an ac/heat maintenance contract.  They come twice a year and do general maintenance on the units.  The guy showed up and did his thing.  2 hours later I went downstairs and checked on something and water was spewing out of the whole house humidifier.  I was livid, this jerk just came by and "checked" this, yet there is water spewing out all over.  It was just a clogged hose, but in my opinion that should be covered under the contract.  I need to get a copy of this plan…   It was nice to see the families, but I can tell you the dogs and myself are all excited to be back in a routine.  I'm not excited however to go back to work since it's been 3 weeks almost.  Ugh the paperwork sitting on my desk…

No, mom, I didn't play in the mud.

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