Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Sorry, I've been MIA.  Every time I would try to enter this blog, my phone would crap out on me (yes I have been to Apple regarding it on SEVERAL occasions but they are about as helpful as the broken phone), or tell me the post I started did not exist.   So here is the round-up from surgery (I won't bore you with the wonderful photos my doctor gave me).  
  1. Endo-Stage 1, all removed.  There is question if they pycongenol had decreased it, but no way to answer that. 
  2. Accessory Fallopian tube.  What's that?  When I was developing in utero I grew this extra tube to nowhere.  It can increase the chances for infection (explains the infection when I was 21) as well as ectopic and endometriosis.  Apparently this occurs in 6% of the population.  Extra body part removed (sadly, it was not an extra ovary with extra eggs).
  3. Right tube partially blocked (same tube as the infection when I was younger and the extra tube).  So this is where I get frustrated.  Dr. Ahole said that I did not have blockages, Dr. Ahole allowed us to continue trying with the partially blocked tube.  
  4. Staph Infection in my uterus!  This was the one that was rough.  It explains the cramps from who knows where and the changes in the cycles after the HSG.  We cannot say for sure that the HSG is where the staph came from, but there are MANY indicators that yes, Woman's Hospital was the culprit.  Thankfully I am healthy and my body kept it under control.  21 days of Bactrim later, no infection!  BG had to deal with this as well so I was not alone in my torture.  So, July & August were out of the TTC bag.  
  5. I did my bloodwork in July (starting CD10 every other day to ovulation then every other day through the LP starting 3 dpo).  My veins had given up by the end.  Everything looked good except my thyroid levels (which are understandable with the surgery) and my E2 & P in the LP.  I was prescribed HSG in the LP on 3, 5, 7, & 9 DPO.  This is my first month on the HSG.  I'm pretty wiped out, which I presume is a side effect of the medication.  It's pretty easy to poke myself though.  
We are pretty excited that everything we have been through is what we will need to pass this hurdle.  I"ll be better and I am getting a new phone so hopefully it will work!!!  

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