Sunday, December 1, 2013

Time, time, time

I am not smart enough to keep my mouth shut. I keep getting more and more piled on at work and I keep volunteering for more things in my spare time. Y'all aren't here to listen to me complain about work though.

Baby making is going. I've been doing the injections like a champ and all seems to be ok, except my estrogen that was low is now high. I guess that's ok, but I haven't had a lot of time to look up data and see. Basically my levels were nearly the same on my 7 dpo draw;18 (E) and 19 (P). This month has been a little wonky otherwise as well. My HCG injections tested out then the line showed back up only to vanish and never return. Here I sit 17 dpo with no more than light bleeding, no sig temp drop and stark white tests. Of course this is a holiday week and of course I'm working. No blood test possilities until Tuesday. Sigh...

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