Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Sorry for the long hiatus.  It has been a whirlwind.  Since December more has been discovered about my body.   I bled nearly the entire month of December, which is why the Dr. in Houston took over my file.  A CD 3 u/s in January showed a 3.5 cm cyst on the right ovary.  At this time I asked if the HCG supplementation during the luteal phase could be the cause and she said she had not seen it before.  February I had 2 eggs, neither released so March, we did a full monitored cycle and a trigger shot.  I had and released 2 eggs.   March was the first month I did the HCG injections since November.  Guess what, after releasing 2 BEAUTIFUL eggs on the left, I have at least 4 cysts (bilateral-meaning both ovaries) 2.5 cm-4.0 cm large.  With that news, I sent a research showing that HCG can cause OHSS, which can cause cysts to form even after perfectly normally trigger of eggs.  This comes to why I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY DOCTOR!!!  I received a call from her and she thanked me, clarified that I will NEVER be on HCG again and that thanks to the data she had a couple of other patients that will benefit.  

As far as this month goes, I have no clue.  Thanks to all of the cysts I have not started my period yet.  My husband gave me a progesterone injection last night to hopefully jump-start my cycle.  After I start, I have no idea.  I am sure that I will be going to a Lupron trigger followed by Estrogen and Progesterone support in the luteal phase.  However, I will not know until I start and I have another u/s to make sure the mass of cysts are gone.  I'm pretty ok with everything though.  I mean after 3 years, you get use to it, I guess.  My whole thing is that I am always one step closer.  Everything is one step closer, it is all for a goal, a beautiful goal.  We will succeed.

I am still running, and I finally placed 1st this weekend in my age group on a trail run.  It was awesome!!!  After heavy rains, the trail was pretty much an impromptu creek and I had cramps from hell at mile 2, but I trudged on and won!  Here's a photo of me taking a swim.

 And my award!!!

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