Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Right Here Waiting...

After yet another failed month (year), I (we) need a break.  I am worn out and my thyroid is acting wacko for some reason - I have a new doctor working on that part of my system.  I had 8 cysts this month and after having 2 eggs on the left that did not release (probably because of the stupid thyroid), I need a break.  I need to find me, I need to know what the hell is wrong and get me back together.  This really shouldn't be this hard for anyone...  Once we feel everything is in order, something else goes out of order.

Where does it end?  Where does it begin?  We will succeed, we will win this battle.  Until then I will keep marching through the Swamp of Sorrows.   Our Luck Dragon will show up and carry us away some day soon.  I know this is short, but I don't know what more to say at the moment.  I should have autoimmunity tests out the wazoo coming in soon and hopefully that will give me some form of answers in that department.  I'll also be doing the Wilson's Temperature Syndrome test while we are not trying.  I'll be surprised if I don't fail it.  

Here's a picture of my sweet boy, Ryker.  He's sad because daddy left him and went for a run.  

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