Saturday, February 16, 2013

Losing my mind...

Monday we had our appointment with the Naprotechnology doc.  Things went well.  All and all he's skipping the year of observation and allowing us to go straight to the surgeon in Houston.  Great news! Looking at my charts, HSG results and just talking to me, he is pretty sure I've got endo, cysts and/or fibroids.  Endo runs in my family and having a previous diagnosis (never investigated further) my chances are high.  So a few trips to Houston are in order soon.  I cannot wait to move on.  It will be a nice 

I swear if I see another positive pregnancy test or birth announcement I'll  flip out and steal the adorable little babe (not really, but the thoughts have crossed the mind for people who should not be reproducing).  I actually posted on FB that if someone really needs to talk to me they need to PM me.  I'm not getting back on there until I can get or am pregnant.  I have a few groups I go to, but I cannot stand to see another baby related post right now, 12 on Valentines Day is enough to blow anyone's mind.  20 months of this crap and no quick fix in sight-yes I am done right now.  Please put the fork in me.

Off onto better topics…  My first 10k on the road was today.  It was only a minute slower than the same race last year.  Considering my training has not been what it was, that is great.  I finished in 1:07:07.  I'm ready for Pensacola.  This race was the confidence I needed.  I ran negative splits the whole race.  Figured that was a sane goal.  The water stop around mile 3 threw me off and I lost a little time because of that.  The wind was equally brutal on the levee, but I expected that so it wasn't too bad for me.  I really wish I would have worn a warmer shirt and some gloves though.  I factored in that the sun would help raise the temps, no the wind won…  44 is a hard temp to run in.  No wind it's pleasant, but factor that wind coming off the river and it's a bit chilly.  Overall I was excited to finish with a great time and no pain.  My husband waited for me since he was stopped waiting for a train.  It was awesome finishing with his slow wife.  My food has been getting swelling with my foot, but I think it's just swollen all the time now.  I can't wear most of my heels, my sausage foot won't fit in them.  If I do wear them, it is for short periods and I always have a back up pair of shoes "just in case."  It is great to be back and ready for a half!!!  3 years ago, I ran this race as my first 1/2 marathon.  It is the one race I hope to always run.  I mean it's a planned vacation every year, who doesn't want that?  

Photo from last year's race.  I won an award.

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