Thursday, August 23, 2012

Movin' on Up.

Ok, now that the bloodwork is over and the results are coming in and a definitive test is over, time to write about it.   Here goes…

Estrogen 119 (should be under 75).  This could have meant A) Premature Ovarian Failure or B) Cysts. I've been banking on B since March.  I'll get sudden sharp pains, then a sudden gush of flow.  Then it will stop for a few days…  This month that happened twice.

FSH: 5 (should be under 12).  This is awesome!

AMH 2.57.  This is more indicative of fertility and egg reserves.  My number is good so that rules out hypothesis A on the Estrogen levels.

HSG.  Let me tell you, if your's did not hurt I am very happy for you…  Period cramps my ass!  Mine was painful as hell!  Mostly on the left side, which WAS blocked.  The dye was rushing out the left, but still holding back on the right, lets just say everything is open now.  I had no idea how to explain the pain to my husband.  It's like a charlie horse but much more severe and localized, it's a hunch you over pain if you are standing up, then I came up with being stabbed and tore to pieces with a dull knife.  I think he could imagine this, but I'm not sure I ever could really explain the pain to him.  That little flinching of pain from a pap holds nothing on this.  It wouldn't have been so bad if my left wasn't blocked.  Even without seeing the fluid flow through that tube on the screen, I could tell it was not the same as the right and was blocked from the sheer pressure PAIN I was feeling.  Once that fluid was flowing through it was much more tolerable, just annoying.  I'm not crazy, one woman said it was worse than the birth of her child (she also had a blocked tube), so that makes me feel better for my tolerance levels.  Nothing apparent showed up on the screen, so that is good.  They will do further review and call us for an appointment.

So on to the next step.  Maybe the HSG did it for us.  I know numerous women who this was the trick they needed.  Bam, that month they were pregnant.  I am hoping that is all it takes, no turkey basting required.  My husband was an HSG kid.  MIL had been off of birth control for 10 years and was trying for 4 but had not become pregnant, had the HSG and bam, here comes my husband!  We really hope this is all that is needed, I had 2 cysts rupture and everything is clear now, so maybe we're looking at a Memorial Day weekend birth?   I guess that is always better than a Labor Day weekend baby in SE Louisiana since that is when we always get hit with hurricanes.  I remember teasing my husband last year that if we conceived a child during Hurricane Lee we'd have to use it as a middle name (I was ovulating as it was coming through).  So this year we have Isaac as a potential?

I really wanted to get a run in tonight.  It's very pleasant out, but I just don't feel like it.  I'm all bloated and gassy from the test.  I guess tomorrow will have to do.  Sorry, no pictures this time around.  Hopefully I'll get my HSG pictures and then you can see my uterus, LOL!