Thursday, November 29, 2012

Here today, gone...

Since my last post, AF showed up Thursday of that week and on Friday I went to the ortho.  So we know how I felt Thursday...  Terrible is not a good descriptor; devastated, maybe; I need a more direct term (or a picture).  Anyway, on with life.  Friday I went to the ortho and I no longer have a boot!  That was the most excitement for me in a while.  I was a bit nervous to walk around.  Afraid that it might not be ok, and that I'll just aggravate it more.  My 3rd metatarsal (the Freiberg's toe) is the one that is bothering me the most.  It has been so inactive I guess it's due to pester me.  The doctor told me I could start slowly back into running in 4 weeks (3 weeks from today).  That conversation went something like this:

Me:  So you mean I can do like 30 seconds run, 1 min walk for no more than 1 mile?

Doc:  No, you can run 1 full mile in 4 weeks.


Doc:  Yes, then you can slowly add 1/2 mile each week.

Me:  Should I go to physical therapy?

Doc:  You are in too good of shape and you pay attention.  Physical Therapy would not be the best option for you.  I can send you there, but I feel you'll do fine on your own.

That was it.  I walked out of there planning my return, looking for triathlons and preparing for December 14, D-day!  The day I can get back out on the trails!!! Happy Solstice to me!  As far as the home front goes, we're just going to go about our little fun for a few more months and if something hasn't happened by April we'll consult with another doctor.  I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, that we'll be expecting before then.   I found this the other day, I thought it was hilarious.