Thursday, November 29, 2012


So sorry about the onslaught of posts.  I had published my previous 2 posts, but the crazy system didn't agree.  

Thanksgiving was nice.  My dad came to visit, it was the first time we had family in town for a holiday so it was a little hectic trying to get everything just right.  Dad has Celiac's so GF was the theme.  I managed to make egg noodles that tasted good (I have an extremely high standard for egg noodles) and stuffing that was excellent.  I used my grandma's classic egg noodle recipe using a rice flour mixture in place of the old wheat flour.  The turkey was good (not a big fan of the smoked flavor, but everyone else likes it so I'll deal with it).  I had the work pager, which thankfully was quiet and just spent time with my family. We did not do much, dad was only here Thursday through Saturday and he left early, so more relaxation time for him.  He did go and purchase some boudin which is apparently ok to take on the plane as a carry-on (frozen, if you ever need to know).

Roll forward to Monday and the sinus infection of epic proportions starts up.  Since I moved to Louisiana my sinus infections skip the whole clogged up head thing and go straight to my damn ears!   I cannot get anything done when I have vertigo and that is what happens when your inner ear is under pressure. I have ear drops and they work wonders (usually), but the congestion just would not relieve this time.  My usual diet under a sinus infection is to avoid my beloved cheese (dairy) and to eat grapefruit, onion soup and drink tea.  This paired with the drops, essential oil burner and even medication was not cutting it.  I cannot just go to the doctor and get antibiotics since I'm allergic to most of them, and the few I am not allergic to I'd rather not push my luck with them, I might need them one day.  So I suffer.  I attempted to come to work yesterday, hoping that getting out would help.  By 10, my head was spinning and I had to get out of dodge before I couldn't drive.  So home I went.  By the time the husband got home I was laid out on the couch in some serious pain, right ear throbbing (drops not helping it), and a fever.  I managed to the shower and felt better in the humidity (decided we need a humidifier for the bedroom-odd for Louisiana, but it's a mandatory with the heater running apparently), then my husband remembered we had some ear candles left.  Why not?  I'm absolutely miserable and it cannot make things any worse.  Ear candling has been used for centuries to cleanse the spirit and the body of many different ailments.  I was a bit afraid to use them on my ears, especially the right one with all of the pain in it, but really what could it hurt at this point?

We position the first one in the right ear and he lights it.  Near instant relief!  The amount of crap I could feel coming out of my ear was amazing and the explanation of why it hurt so damn bad!  I probably could have done 2 more candles on that ear at the least, but I only had two and I still have another ear.  I couldn't believe how quickly my head cleared.  It was insane!  I decided to read up a little on ear candling for sinus infections and it has been used for just that purpose.  I'll be stopping by the store tonight and purchasing some more tonight so that I can finish clearing the ears of the funk.  I know some people are skeptical of them, but they are a mandatory item in my house.  When you cannot function because of a measly sinus infection and something helps you, then use it.  I was so desperate by the time my husband got home I mixed a shot of ACV (apple cider vinegar) and water.  It wasn't as terrible as I expected, who knows what fully helped out, but something did the deed and I'm a new woman this day.