Friday, March 22, 2013

Fast Life

I owe a race report.  Sorry, I'm slacking and I'll get to it at the end of this!!!  My AF this month was a mess.  Cramps like never before, I actually took drugs for them (4 Tylenol).  I hate drugs! I'm still cramping off and on, and still spotting 8 days after the start and stop.  TMI warning!!!

I was 2 days late, and the initial day was very odd, thick and dark.  Stopped for a day, yeah I do that sometimes...  Then started up again.  Maybe I'm doing this wrong, maybe I'm not...  I've looked, but all I can find is what a woman should bleed on average for her entire period.  I use the Diva cup so I get numbers instead of "I soaked through ___ tampons."  How I measure is 1/8 oz or less is light, 1/4-1/8 oz is moderate and anything over 1/4 oz is heavy.  Sounds pretty good to me.  I write these numbers on my happy little chart so I can discuss with the doc later and if they don't like my quantitative methods I can change them easily enough.  So my chart looks something like this:  L, VL, L, M, VL, VL, VL, VL (L=light, VL=Very Light (spotting), M=moderate).  Yeah my body is retarded!!!  I just want to be over with AF.  My temps were 2 days late dropping even!!!  They temps finally went below CL 9 days into this cycle.  This has just been an odd month for me.  I'm really happy for the break this month.  No Winter Holidays baby is the one rule I live by in my home.  I have broken every other baby birthday rule otherwise, and have even reevaluated this one so that it doesn't encompass Thanksgiving too.  Just so long as it is not Christmas or New Years, I'll be ecstatic to have a due date.  I'll be working out of town this month around the time of O so I have that part taken care of, that limits the possibility of a Dec 21 due date.  May 6th I go to the NaproTechnology Surgeon in Houston.

So on to running.  This race is always a tough one, tons of sand, last year we had to swim and lots of technicality is always promised.  Thankfully no swimming this year.  The slue we swam through last year was only around mid calf deep this year.  There were plenty of slick, clay covered slopes, vegetation and like I mentioned before sand.  More sand than I like.    This added a whole new difficulty level to this run.  I still ended up taking 11 min off my time from last year so I'm very pleased with that.  I handle the slopes pretty well and when I was going down the slope to the water I keep my center of gravity low and slide down.  Well, one of my shoe treads ended up stuck on a root as I was going down.  This created a rubber band like effect and flung me forward on my knees into the water.  Thankfully a friend was taking photos and got the moment of impact.  After I finished I looked down and my knee was bleeding (oops).  My legs were pretty well thrashed from all of the blackberry brambles and bore the battle scars of a trail runner.  I'm interested to see how many I'll bear after my 10 miles tomorrow.  I am hoping the storms stay away long enough that I don't have a heart attack.  You know, the little things in life, LOL!  

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